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Song meaning of Stray Kids - Leave (English Translation) by Genius English Translations

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Song meaning for Stray Kids - Leave (English Translation) by Genius English Translations

"Leave" by Stray Kids is a heartfelt song that explores the emotions and struggles of a relationship coming to an end. The chorus, sung by Seungmin and I.N, expresses the plea for the other person to not hurt them and make them cry. Despite still having love for the person and not being able to fully move on, they acknowledge that it is time to let go and accept that the relationship is over. The first verse, delivered by Changbin, Han, I.N, Hyunjin, and Felix, delves into the lingering emotions and the sadness that comes before the pain of a breakup. They reflect on the affection they once had and the difficulty of moving forward without the other person. They come to the realization that love alone is not enough to overcome their differences and that they were not meant to be together. The lyrics also touch on the idea of personal growth and blooming into one's true self. The pre-chorus, sung by Bang Chan, portrays the fear, pain, and emptiness felt inside. Sitting on a bench, they find solace in the presence of a lonely leaf falling down, symbolizing the end of a season or chapter. In the second verse, Hyunjin, Felix, and Lee Know express their feelings of self-hatred and the struggle of searching for someone who is no longer there. They acknowledge the need to take responsibility for their actions and apologize for the scars left on both parties. The lyrics also depict the act of holding back tears and trying to piece together a broken heart, ultimately realizing that it is futile. The refrain, sung by I.N and Felix, repeats the phrase "I'm missing you," emphasizing the longing and yearning for the person they have lost. Overall, "Leave" is a poignant song that captures the pain, acceptance, and longing that comes with the end of a relationship. The lyrics beautifully convey the complex emotions experienced during this difficult time, making it relatable to listeners who have gone through similar experiences.

Funny song meaning for Stray Kids - Leave (English Translation) by Genius English Translations

Ah, "Leave" by Stray Kids, huh? Well, this song is all about heartbreak and being done with someone, but let's break it down with my unique and oh-so-funny interpretation, shall we? The chorus starts with "Oh, baby, please don't hurt me, don't make me cry." You know what, hun? If they're making you cry, it's time to block their number and move on to bigger and better things, like eating pizza on the couch in your pajamas. And then they say, "Though I still got love for you and haven't got over you yet." Darling, stop clinging onto the past like a pair of too-tight skinny jeans. It's time to let go and upgrade to some comfy sweatpants. And finally, they declare, "Yeah, we're done," like it's some grand revelation. Well, congratulations, Captain Obvious! You finally figured it out. Now go out there and find someone who appreciates you for the fabulous person you are, because you deserve it, baby!

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