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Song meaning of Au Revoir by OneRepublic



Song meaning for Au Revoir by OneRepublic

"OneRepublic's song 'Au Revoir' delves into the complexities of identity, change, and the transient nature of life. The lyrics paint a picture of a moment of disconnection and introspection, where the narrator feels like they are not themselves and the person they are with is also distant. The opening lines of the verse, 'Today I'm not myself, And you, you're someone else,' set the tone for the theme of shifting identities and relationships.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the idea of finding 'other pieces to the puzzles,' suggesting a search for understanding and meaning amidst confusion and uncertainty. The imagery of 'slipping out under the locks' and 'take apart this life we're building and pack it up inside a box' conveys a sense of deconstruction and reevaluation. The mention of 'how many moves to checkmate' hints at a strategic approach to navigating challenges and making decisions.

The bridge introduces the concept of playing a game where lives can change and nothing remains the same, highlighting the fluidity of existence and the potential for transformation. The repetition of 'right now, right now' in the chorus underscores the importance of living in the present moment and embracing the journey of self-discovery and growth. Overall, 'Au Revoir' invites listeners to reflect on the ever-changing nature of life and the power of embracing change and uncertainty."

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Ah, "Au Revoir" by OneRepublic, a.k.a. "Let's Play a Game of Existential Crisis". Here we have Ryan Tedder singing about feeling like a whole different person, scratching his head over the rules of life like it's a messed up game of Monopoly. He's basically saying, "Hey, let's mix things up and see how fast we can unravel our lives like a cheap sweater." And then he's all like, "I could totally beat you in a game of chess right now if I wanted to, but let's just dismantle everything we've worked for and shove it into a box because why the heck not?" It's like they're playing Jenga with their sanity and hoping they don't collapse into a puddle of confusion. But hey, at least they're doing it "right now, right now", because who has time for tomorrow when you're too busy contemplating the meaning of your own existence, am I right?

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