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Song meaning of Distance by OneRepublic



Song meaning for Distance by OneRepublic

"Distance" by OneRepublic is a heartfelt ballad that delves into the complexities of relationships and the fear of losing someone you deeply care about. The song's lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and a desire to break down emotional barriers in order to maintain a connection with a loved one. The protagonist expresses a reluctance to only reach out when in need, acknowledging the importance of consistent communication and emotional closeness.

In the verses, lines like "I don't wanna only call your name when I'm brokenhearted" and "I don't wanna ever need a map to you" highlight the desire for a genuine and enduring bond that transcends moments of hardship. The lyrics also touch upon the struggle of maintaining emotional walls and the tendency to put up defenses, as seen in "I'm so good at walls, good at lies, putting up my fences." This reflects the internal conflict between self-preservation and the longing for intimacy.

The chorus serves as a powerful declaration of commitment, with lines such as "But I ain't gonna keep my distance from you" emphasizing the determination to overcome obstacles and not let fear or uncertainty drive a wedge between the two individuals. The repetition of the phrase "I ain't gonna keep my distance from you" reinforces the resolve to fight for the relationship and not let it slip away.

Overall, "Distance" by OneRepublic is a poignant exploration of love, vulnerability, and the willingness to confront one's own insecurities in order to maintain a deep connection with a significant other. The song's emotive lyrics and stirring melody resonate with listeners, capturing the universal theme of navigating the complexities of human relationships.

Funny song meaning for Distance by OneRepublic

Ah, "Distance" by OneRepublic, the anthem for people who are so bad at maintaining relationships that they need a whole song to apologize for their commitment issues. The lead singer croons about not wanting to only remember his lover's name when he's a sobbing mess on the bathroom floor—such romance, much wow. He's basically saying, "I don't want to crash and burn to end up back at square one with you, but let's be real, I'm probably gonna mess it up anyway." And don't even get me started on the whole "I'm good at walls, good at lies, putting up my fences" part—dude, are you a construction worker or a heartbreaker? The chorus is like a broken record of denial, with promises not to keep his distance while simultaneously acknowledging that distance is his M.O. But hey, at least he's willing to be buried if he lets his lover slip away, so that's... romantic? Or just plain creepy. Keep belting those conflicted feelings, OneRepublic, we love a good emotional rollercoaster ride set to catchy tunes!

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