Come When They Kill You By Ooes Apex

Song meaning of Приходи, когда убьют (Come, when they kill you) by ​​ooes & APEX



Song meaning for Приходи, когда убьют (Come, when they kill you) by ​​ooes & APEX

The song "Приходи, когда убьют" by ​​ooes & APEX delves into themes of desensitization to violence and the overwhelming negativity present in the media. The chorus, "Мне не нравится, когда кто-то касается меня в маршрутке" (I don't like it when someone touches me on the bus), highlights a discomfort with personal boundaries being violated, whether physically or emotionally. The repetition of this line emphasizes a sense of unease and intrusion that the narrator feels in their daily life.

In the first verse, the lyrics "Отруби мне воздух, отруби мне солнце" (Cut off the air for me, cut off the sun for me) suggest a desire to escape from the harsh realities of the world. The mention of severed hands and dismissing them as insignificant reflects a numbness to violence and trauma, as if these horrific events have become normalized in the narrator's mind.

The second verse explores the idea of shifting blame onto external factors such as weather, fatigue, jealousy, or weakness. The line "Завтра в каждой ленте будет чьё-то фото, Только без улыбки и на крышке гроба" (Tomorrow, there will be someone's photo in every news feed, Only without a smile and on the coffin lid) paints a bleak picture of a world filled with tragedy and loss, where happiness is scarce and death is prevalent.

The bridge, "Спаси меня, Убей себя" (Save me, Kill yourself), juxtaposes a plea for salvation with a call for self-destruction, hinting at a sense of hopelessness and internal conflict within the narrator. The repetition of the chorus reinforces the recurring theme of being repulsed by the violence and negativity that surrounds them, whether it be in the form of physical touch, tasteless jokes on TV, or the constant stream of gruesome news stories.

Overall, "Приходи, когда убьют" conveys a sense of alienation, disillusionment, and a yearning for escape from a world filled with darkness and despair. The lyrics serve as a poignant commentary on the desensitization to violence and the emotional toll of being bombarded with negativity in the media.

Funny song meaning for Приходи, когда убьют (Come, when they kill you) by ​​ooes & APEX

Ah, the melodious sounds of "Come, when they kill you" by ooes & APEX, a true masterpiece in the realm of music with lyrics that strike a deep chord within the listener's soul. As we embark on this lyrical journey, we encounter a tale of someone who really, REALLY hates being touched in the minivan, can't stand lame jokes on TV, and is just so over hundreds of gruesome murders popping up on their newsfeed. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, from having their air and sun severed (ouch), to being accused of jealousy and weakness, to envisioning a world where every photo comes with a no-smile guarantee and a coffin lid backdrop. Let's not forget the emotional rollercoaster of the bridge, where they cry out to be saved, but also suggest perhaps a bit of self-harm is in order. Overall, this song is a beautiful ode to personal space, dark humor, and the never-ending cycle of horrifying headlines. Bravo, ooes & APEX, bravo!

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