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Song meaning of Пирожок (Pie) by ​​ooes & APEX



Song meaning for Пирожок (Pie) by ​​ooes & APEX

The song "Пирожок (Pie)" by ​​ooes & APEX delves into themes of intimacy, desire, and emotional vulnerability. The chorus sets the tone for the song, expressing a longing for eternal kisses and a desire to be intertwined with the object of affection. The repetition of "Я бы хотела быть твоим телом" (I would like to be your body) emphasizes a deep yearning for closeness and connection.

In the first verse, the lyrics paint a picture of surrender and intoxication in the presence of the beloved. Lines like "Свернуться бы комочком прямо на твоих коленях" (I would curl up right on your knees) and "Свихнуться полностью от запаха твоих духов" (Completely lose my mind from the smell of your cologne) evoke a sense of vulnerability and surrender to the overwhelming emotions experienced in the presence of the loved one.

The second verse continues to explore this theme of surrender and acceptance, with lines like "Расстегну твою рубашку, Ничего уже не страшно" (I'll unbutton your shirt, Nothing is scary anymore) suggesting a willingness to embrace the flaws and complexities of the other person. The mention of "проблемы, боль, апатию и злость" (problems, pain, apathy, and anger) further highlights a desire to share and alleviate the burdens of the loved one.

The outro brings the song full circle, reiterating the desire to kiss the shoulders of the beloved and to be their body. The repetition of these lines underscores the intensity of the emotions and the longing for a deep, intimate connection. Overall, "Пирожок (Pie)" by ​​ooes & APEX is a poignant exploration of love, vulnerability, and the desire for emotional closeness.

Funny song meaning for Пирожок (Pie) by ​​ooes & APEX

Ah, the majestic "Pie" by ooes & APEX, a lyrical masterpiece that explores the profound desire to kiss someone for eternity and become one with their body, all while wallowing in the scent of their cologne and relishing in their discarded cigarette butts and empty texts. It's like a modern-day Shakespearean sonnet, where instead of writing poetry with a quill, they're busy unbuttoning shirts and embracing all the pain, apathy, and anger that life has to offer. But hey, who needs therapy when you can just make out with someone's shoulders and essentially morph into their existence? It's like a romantic horror movie where the protagonist's idea of intimacy involves French kissing their emotional baggage. Love truly knows no bounds, especially when it involves smooching shoulders and claiming ownership of someone else's essence. Bravo, ooes & APEX, for reminding us all that true love is just a nibble away from becoming a human-scented pie.

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