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Song meaning of Я целую девочек (I kiss girls) by ​​ooes & APEX



Song meaning for Я целую девочек (I kiss girls) by ​​ooes & APEX

The song "Я целую девочек" by ​​ooes & APEX delves into the complexities of young love and self-discovery. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of teenage infatuation and the exhilarating rush of emotions that come with it. The opening verse sets the tone with lines like "Что со мной не знаю, почему хочу остаться?" (I don't know what's wrong with me, why do I want to stay?) and "Мы маленькие девочки, давай начнём встречаться" (We are little girls, let's start dating), capturing the innocence and uncertainty of youthful romance.

The chorus, with its repetition of "И мне не страшно, ау" (And I'm not afraid, hey), conveys a sense of bravery and vulnerability intertwined in the protagonist's feelings towards their crush. The imagery of "Бегут мурашки, е-а" (Goosebumps run, hey) when the crush is near highlights the physical and emotional reactions that love can evoke.

The second verse touches on themes of self-acceptance and the importance of a supportive relationship in one's life. Lines like "Всё нормально, крестики на руках" (Everything is fine, crosses on the hands) suggest a sense of reassurance and belonging that the protagonist finds with their love interest. The defiance in "В школе нас не понимают, но нам же похуй" (They don't understand us at school, but we don't care) speaks to the rebellious spirit of youth and the prioritization of their own happiness.

Overall, "Я целую девочек" is a heartfelt exploration of young love, identity, and the exhilarating rollercoaster of emotions that come with it. The song captures the essence of teenage infatuation and the transformative power of finding connection and acceptance in another person.

Funny song meaning for Я целую девочек (I kiss girls) by ​​ooes & APEX

Oh, the song "I Kiss Girls" by ooes is basically an anthem for teenage rebellion and Instagram oversharing. The lyrics are like a melodramatic diary entry of two young girls who are convinced that their love is earth-shattering and unmatched by anyone in the history of adolescent romance. They're so into each other, it's like they found the last two tickets to a Justin Bieber concert in 2009, except instead of screaming teenage fans, they have Instagram to broadcast their intimate moments. And those "мурашки" (chills) they feel when they're together? Probably just a side effect of drinking too many energy drinks and staying up past curfew. But hey, who am I to judge? Teenage love is a rollercoaster of emotions and dramatic flair, and these girls are riding it all the way to their next Insta-worthy post. Keep kissing those girls, ladies, and may your teenage rebellion be as fierce as your cheekbones.

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