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Song meaning of 7 Years In The Making by Paramore



Song meaning for 7 Years In The Making by Paramore

"7 Years In The Making" by Paramore delves into themes of nostalgia, self-reflection, and the passage of time. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who feels disconnected from their past and struggles with the changes that have occurred over the years. The song opens with the protagonist lamenting the loss of friends who have changed and no longer see them the same way. The line "I've lost all my friends since they got brand new eyes" reflects a sense of alienation and longing for the way things used to be.

As the song progresses, the protagonist reflects on the passage of time, acknowledging the challenges and growth that have come with it. The lines "Time is healing nothing, only a matter of numbers that won't make us right" speak to the idea that time alone cannot mend all wounds or resolve all conflicts. Despite the struggles and uncertainties, there is a sense of determination and resilience in lines like "But I'm gonna make it through" and "I'm just tired, so don't push me."

The chorus of the song emphasizes the weight of carrying emotional burdens, symbolized by the metaphor of "carrying bricks around my neck." This imagery conveys the heaviness of unresolved emotions and past regrets that weigh the protagonist down. The repeated refrain of "I'm gonna make it through" underscores a sense of perseverance and hope for a brighter future.

Overall, "7 Years In The Making" by Paramore is a poignant reflection on the complexities of growing older, grappling with the past, and striving to find peace and acceptance amidst life's challenges. The song captures the bittersweet nostalgia of looking back on one's journey and coming to terms with the choices and experiences that have shaped who we are today.

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Oh, sweet Paramore, always taking us on an emotional rollercoaster ride with their poetic lyrics. In "7 Years In The Making," they're like, "Yo, I wanna hang out where everyone's a winner because, man, my friends upgraded to new eyeballs and suddenly they can't even recognize me anymore! Like, where did I go wrong, guys?" And then they're reminiscing back to seven years ago, being all introspective and deep like, "Time doesn't heal a thing, it's just a bunch of meaningless numbers playing mind games with us." And then they're all, "Hey, hey, hey, stop pushing me, I'm tired and I just want to sing some sad songs and carry these metaphorical bricks around my neck because LIFE, man. Also, twenty years from now, I hope I figure out that I can't live for anyone else but myself, but until then, I'm just gonna make it through this existential crisis while questioning why we're even here in the first place. Classic Paramore, always hitting us right in the feels and making us contemplate our entire existence with their angsty yet relatable vibes."

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