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Song meaning of Black Siemens by PHARAOH



Song meaning for Black Siemens by PHARAOH

"Black Siemens" by PHARAOH is a Russian rap song that delves into themes of rebellion, style, and a sense of detachment from societal norms. The song opens with a defiant proclamation of identity and affiliation with the lines "Shawty lil' Siemens, 2013 / FrozenGang, Dead Dynasty, тварь!" The use of the term "тварь" (meaning "creature" or "beast") sets the tone for the rebellious and edgy nature of the track.

The chorus of the song repeats the refrain "Скр-скр-скр-скр" which mimics the sound of a gun being fired, adding to the aggressive and confrontational vibe of the track. The references to wearing "мёртвых Найках" (dead Nikes) and being a "чёрный сталкер" (black stalker) suggest a sense of defiance and nonconformity to traditional fashion norms.

In the verses, PHARAOH paints a picture of a lifestyle characterized by luxury, danger, and a sense of detachment. Lines like "Мой Узи в снегу, он сплюнет их в могилы" (My Uzi in the snow, it will spit on their graves) and "Я всегда расстроен, но мой блант неистов" (I'm always upset, but my blunt is fierce) convey a sense of aggression and a disregard for consequences.

The references to brands like Thrasher, Tommy Hilfiger, and Volga, as well as the imagery of smoking sessions and glamorous lifestyles, juxtaposed with darker themes of death and violence, create a complex and multi-layered narrative in the song. Overall, "Black Siemens" by PHARAOH is a bold and provocative track that explores themes of rebellion, style, and a sense of detachment from societal norms.

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Ah, "Black Siemens" by PHARAOH, a lyrical masterpiece that delves deep into the existential crisis of wearing dead Nikes and rocking a black stalker persona. The song opens with a subtle nod to frozen gang dynamics, giving us a glimpse into the chilling world of fashion faux pas and violent footwear choices. As the chorus hits with the iconic "skr-skr-skr-skr," it's clear that the protagonist is not just casually strolling through life in a white t-shirt but is instead embracing their inner zipped skank realness. The verse paints a vivid picture of a Uzi casually spitting on graves while our protagonist rolls around in a camouflage ZIL, counting Thrasher tags and smoking Tommy Hilfiger in a Volga. The mention of nymphs in white dresses and embracing a gun in a coffin only solidifies the fact that this song is a not-so-subtle critique of the high-fashion funeral industry. With lines like "My crew shines like a Prime Minister," it's evident that PHARAOH is not just a rapper but a political commentator on the state of style in our dystopian society. So, grab your dead Nikes, zip up your skank, and embrace your inner stalker, because this song is a sartorial journey through the land of the fashionable undead.

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