Bullet By Lsp Ft Pharaoh

Song meaning of Bullet by ЛСП (LSP) (Ft. PHARAOH)



Song meaning for Bullet by ЛСП (LSP) (Ft. PHARAOH)

The song "Bullet" by ЛСП (LSP) featuring PHARAOH delves into the complexities of relationships, desire, and self-awareness. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a woman who exudes confidence and allure, described as a "bullet" and the most sought-after chick. The repetition of the onomatopoeic "пиу-пиу-пиу" throughout the song adds a sense of urgency and intensity, emphasizing the impact this woman has on those around her.

In the first verse by ЛСП, he reflects on the fleeting nature of youth and beauty, mentioning a choice presented to him by a woman and his readiness to embrace the unknown. He expresses a preference for women who dress and undress with care, showcasing a deeper appreciation for subtlety and sensuality. The line "Я типа как новый Есенин — ебу девок и стихи им читаю" (I'm like a new Esenin - I f*ck girls and read them poems) juxtaposes physical desire with emotional connection, hinting at a desire for depth beyond surface-level interactions.

PHARAOH's verse delves into a more visceral and hedonistic perspective, with references to material wealth and fleeting pleasures. He describes a sense of entrapment and desire for immediate gratification, juxtaposed with a disdain for superficiality and hype. The line "Я курю джойнт, и я не жив, всё остальное — байки" (I smoke a joint, and I'm not alive, everything else is just stories) hints at a sense of detachment and disillusionment with the world around him.

Overall, "Bullet" explores themes of attraction, power dynamics, and the complexities of human connection. The repeated refrain of "Эта девка просто пуля" (This girl is just a bullet) serves as a reminder of the woman's magnetic presence and the impact she has on those who encounter her. The song's raw and unapologetic lyrics invite listeners to reflect on their own desires, vulnerabilities, and perceptions of love and lust in a modern, fast-paced world.

Funny song meaning for Bullet by ЛСП (LSP) (Ft. PHARAOH)

Oh, well well, look at this poetic masterpiece we have here! So, "Bullet" by ЛСП and PHARAOH is basically an ode to the ultimate femme fatale, the kind of girl who's hotter than a pistol firing 'piu-piu-piu'. She's got more cash, beauty, and style than you can shake a stick at, leaving a trail of heartbroken fools in her wake. ЛСП is all about that expiration date metaphor, like, "I'm only good until 20, baby!" And PHARAOH comes in dropping rhymes about drowning in designer fragrances and crushing on a girl who's got guys dripping sweat like they're driving their dad's Camry too fast. These guys are all about that lavish lifestyle, racing blue Benzes and sniffling up that deluxe 'fen'. It's a whirlwind of excess and flirtation, all wrapped up in the catchy chorus of "Bullet, bullet, piu-piu-piu!" Because in the end, in the words of the wise ЛСП, "This girl is simply a bullet!" Aim carefully, folks, love ain't always a straight shot!

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