Champagne Squirt By Pharaoh Ft Boulevard Depo

Song meaning of Champagne Squirt by PHARAOH (Ft. Boulevard Depo)



Song meaning for Champagne Squirt by PHARAOH (Ft. Boulevard Depo)

"Champagne Squirt" by PHARAOH featuring Boulevard Depo is a song that delves into themes of indulgence, rebellion, and a carefree attitude. The lyrics paint a picture of a wild and hedonistic lifestyle, with references to smoking, partying, and a disregard for consequences. The repeated phrase "сквирт шампанского в лицо" (Champagne Squirt in the face) serves as a metaphor for living in the moment and embracing the thrill of the unknown.

In the first verse, Boulevard Depo describes a girl who is experimenting with smoking for the first time, emphasizing the allure of rebellion and trying new experiences. The line "Этот сорт я называю «сквирт шампанского в лицо»" (I call this strain 'Champagne Squirt in the face') suggests a sense of excitement and unpredictability in their interactions.

The chorus, sung by Boulevard Depo, reinforces the idea of living life to the fullest and enjoying the finer things, even if they may be fleeting. The lines "Я хочу убраться в сопли, курим стиль высшей пробы" (I want to clean up in snot, we smoke high-quality style) juxtapose the idea of indulgence with a sense of self-awareness and a desire for authenticity.

In the second verse, Boulevard Depo continues to describe a lavish lifestyle filled with luxury and excess. The imagery of champagne squirting in a zip-lock bag like a supernova explosion conveys a sense of grandeur and extravagance. The references to youth and recklessness further emphasize the theme of living in the moment and embracing the thrill of the unknown.

PHARAOH's verse adds another layer to the song, with references to material wealth, gaming, and a nonchalant attitude towards life. The line "Champagne сквирт на бельё от Gucci" (Champagne squirt on Gucci lingerie) symbolizes a mix of opulence and irreverence, highlighting a sense of rebellion and defiance against societal norms.

Overall, "Champagne Squirt" is a song that celebrates living in the moment, embracing indulgence, and reveling in the excitement of youth and rebellion. The lyrics, filled with vivid imagery and bold statements, capture a sense of freedom and defiance that resonates with listeners seeking an escape from the mundane.

Funny song meaning for Champagne Squirt by PHARAOH (Ft. Boulevard Depo)

Ah, the classic ode to sophistication and elegance that is "Champagne Squirt" by PHARAOH featuring Boulevard Depo. In this poetic masterpiece, the artists delve into the deep complexities of life's finer pleasures, such as getting squirted in the face with champagne. Because nothing says class like having bubbly sprayed on your mug, right? But fear not, it's not just about getting drenched in expensive alcohol, it's also about teenage rebellion, Gameboy nostalgia, and the art of twerking on a Volga. So grab your Gucci undies, get ready to moisten your throat (with what, we'll leave that to your imagination), and embrace the deep philosophical musings on life, love, and the eternal search for the perfect face squirt. Who needs Shakespeare when you have PHARAOH and Boulevard Depo laying down the lyrical law with such profound insights? Cheers to that, darling!

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