Actress By Platina Ft Lil Krystalll

Song meaning of Актриса (Actress) by Платина (Platina) (Ft. ​LIL KRYSTALLL)

Платина (Platina)


Song meaning for Актриса (Actress) by Платина (Platina) (Ft. ​LIL KRYSTALLL)

The song "Актриса" (Actress) by Платина (Platina) featuring LIL KRYSTALLL delves into themes of hedonism, recklessness, and a sense of detachment from societal norms. The lyrics paint a picture of a lifestyle filled with indulgence, substance use, and fleeting encounters. The chorus, sung by lil krystalll, sets the tone with lines like "Сука, эй, триста стволов, я готов ко Вьетнаму, воу" which can be interpreted as a metaphor for being ready for any challenge or adventure, no matter how dangerous or extreme.

In the first verse, lil krystalll talks about his promiscuous behavior and lack of commitment, portraying himself as a player who moves on quickly after satisfying his desires. Lines like "Стала мамашей, но я не причём, Ей нужен защитник, чтоб строил ей дом" suggest a disregard for emotional connections and a focus on immediate gratification.

Platina's verse adds to the narrative with references to drug use and a carefree attitude towards life. Lines such as "Курим косяк и мне похуй, У суки упругая жопа" convey a sense of apathy and a hedonistic approach to existence. The repetition of phrases like "Сука, соси меня, блядь" further emphasizes the crude and provocative nature of the song's lyrics.

The chorus, once again, reinforces the theme of being lost in a jungle of excess and debauchery, with lil krystalll urging to find one's pack amidst the chaos. The overall tone of the song is one of defiance, rebellion, and a rejection of societal norms, encapsulated in lines like "Бабки все тратим на дурь, Курим шиш, ты куришь хуй."

"Актриса" can be seen as a commentary on a certain lifestyle characterized by superficiality, instant gratification, and a lack of emotional depth. The provocative and explicit lyrics serve to shock and challenge the listener, inviting them to question the values and morals portrayed in the song.

Funny song meaning for Актриса (Actress) by Платина (Platina) (Ft. ​LIL KRYSTALLL)

Ah, "Actress" by Platina featuring Lil Krystalll, where do I even begin with this lyrical goldmine? It's like a wild ride through a jungle of ego and ridiculousness. Lil Krystalll is all like, "I'm ready for Vietnam with 300 guns, I'll burn everyone with napalm, baby!" I mean, talk about overkill, right? And then Platina jumps in with some serious self-confidence issues, bragging about shooting a lot and needing protection for his lady who apparently just wants someone to build her a house. Classic case of dysfunctional relationships, am I right? But wait, there's more! They smoke weed, brag about their butts, play NBA and theatre roles, and apparently have a thing for oral activities. And let's not forget about the part where they spend all their money on nonsense and compare smoking weed to sucking... well, you know. It's a hot mess of a song that's so absurd, it's almost entertaining. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the chaotic show, folks!

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