Lemme Smoke Remix%5D By Blago White Ft Lovesomemama Platina

Song meaning of Lemme Smoke [Remix] by ​blago white (Ft. Lovesomemama & Платина (Platina))

Платина (Platina)


Song meaning for Lemme Smoke [Remix] by ​blago white (Ft. Lovesomemama & Платина (Platina))

The song "Lemme Smoke (Remix)" by Платина (Platina) featuring blago white and Lovesomemama delves into themes of indulgence, escapism, and self-reliance. The lyrics open with Платина expressing a sense of defiance and determination, declaring, "Я отдам им всё, больше, чем я мог" (I will give them everything, more than I could). This sets the tone for the rest of the song, where the artists explore the idea of taking control and reclaiming power in various aspects of their lives.

blago white's chorus, "Дай мне покурить" (Let me smoke), serves as a metaphor for seeking solace and release through vices like smoking and substance use. The repetition of the phrase emphasizes a desire for temporary relief from the pressures and complexities of life. The mention of "Белый кокаин" (White cocaine) and "съел кодеин" (ate codeine) further reinforces this theme of seeking escape through substances.

Платина's verse showcases a confident and assertive attitude, with lines like "Быстро как Кавасаки, я, сделал немного иначе" (Fast like Kawasaki, I did it a little differently). This can be interpreted as a statement of individuality and a refusal to conform to societal norms. The references to high clouds and self-belief suggest a sense of elevation and self-assurance in the face of challenges.

Lovesomemama's verse adds a touch of vulnerability to the song, with lines like "Просто хочу жить" (I just want to live). This contrasts with the bravado and bravura of the previous verses, hinting at a deeper longing for authenticity and purpose. The mention of "Тайные агенты, я — Моника Белуччи" (Secret agents, I'm Monica Bellucci) adds a layer of mystique and intrigue to the narrative.

Overall, "Lemme Smoke (Remix)" is a multi-faceted track that explores themes of defiance, escapism, and self-discovery through the lens of indulgence and self-reliance. The artists' distinct styles and perspectives come together to create a dynamic and thought-provoking musical experience.

Funny song meaning for Lemme Smoke [Remix] by ​blago white (Ft. Lovesomemama & Платина (Platina))

Oh, honey, let me break this down for you! So, in this song "Lemme Smoke (Remix)", it seems like Платина and the crew are on some sort of spiritual journey to find themselves through smoking. Платина starts off by declaring that she'll give everything but will also take it back - typical indecisive behavior, am I right? Then blago white comes in with his obsession with smoking and various drugs, probably trying to justify his white mokasins and white kokaín lifestyle. Lovesomemama joins the party asking for some smoke too, claiming she just wants to live, but honestly, who doesn't, darling? Overall, it seems like a mix of trying to find inner peace through clouds of smoke and questionable substances, which is quite the modern-day "zen" approach, if you ask me! Pull up on your block, Бригада, пау, and let's find some more profound meaning in life (or at least in a good smoke session)!

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