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Song meaning of Aryan Mist by Van Morrison

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Song meaning for Aryan Mist by Van Morrison

"Aryan Mist" by Van Morrison is a thought-provoking song that delves into the concept of illusion and the search for enlightenment. The title itself, "Aryan Mist," carries a certain mystique and ambiguity, setting the tone for the song's exploration of deeper meanings.

The chorus, "Aryan mist, among the bridges, you hang by the river, you've been here forever," suggests a sense of timeless existence and the presence of an ethereal force. The use of the word "Aryan" here is not meant to evoke any racial connotations but rather to symbolize a spiritual essence that has endured throughout history.

In the first verse, Morrison questions the allure of the glamorous world and whether it truly uplifts or merely offers superficial charm. He ponders, "Does it lift you up, or is it railway carriage charm?" This line suggests that the distractions and materialistic pursuits of the world may not provide genuine fulfillment or enlightenment.

The second verse continues this theme, as Morrison describes someone observing the world from a distance, sitting in a carriage and watching life pass by. This could represent a detached perspective, perhaps symbolizing the search for truth and understanding from a place of observation rather than active participation.

The pre-chorus poses the question of whether spiritual guidance from gurus, whether from the East or the West, can truly elevate one's consciousness or if it is merely another form of illusion. Morrison asks, "Does it lift you up, or is it railway carriage charm?" Here, he suggests that even spiritual teachings can sometimes be clouded by superficiality and lack of genuine enlightenment.

The fog of illusion and confusion is a recurring theme in the song, as expressed in the fifth verse: "The fog of illusion, the fog of confusion, is hanging all over the world." This line implies that the search for truth and enlightenment is often hindered by the illusions and distractions of the world.

The song concludes with a sense of longing and nostalgia, as Morrison sings, "Aryan mist, you've been here forever, remind me of Krishna, love's first sweet kiss." This final verse suggests that amidst the illusions and confusion, there is a yearning for a deeper connection, a reminder of pure love and spiritual awakening.

Overall, "Aryan Mist" by Van Morrison is a poetic exploration of the search for truth, the illusions of the world, and the longing for genuine enlightenment. Through its evocative lyrics and introspective tone, the song encourages listeners to question the nature of reality and the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment.

Funny song meaning for Aryan Mist by Van Morrison

Ah, Van Morrison, the master of mystical and cryptic lyrics strikes again with "Aryan Mist." Now, let's break down this enchanting fog-filled journey, shall we? Picture this: you find yourself in a world full of glamour, but does it lift you up or is it just railway carriage charm? Deep, I know. As you sit in the carriage, gazing out the window like a contemplative philosopher, you watch life pass you by. Gurus from the east and gurus from the west bring their wisdom, but is it truly uplifting or just more railway carriage charm? Ah, the Aryan mist shrouding the bridges as you hang by the river, you've been here forever, my friend, just like a never-ending rerun of Game of Thrones. People flock down by the river to get clean, but the fog of illusion and confusion hangs all over the world like a stubborn bad toupee. Gurus from the east, gurus from the west, really, who can tell the difference? But in the end, the Aryan mist, it's like a sweet first kiss from Krishna, lingering in the air, forever reminding you that life is nothing more than fog and a fancy train ride. So, does it lift you up or is it just more railway carriage charm? The eternal question, my friend, the eternal question.

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