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Song meaning of Lost by Frank Ocean

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Song meaning for Lost by Frank Ocean

"Lost" by Frank Ocean is a song about a woman who is lost in the thrill of life and love. The lyrics describe the protagonist's infatuation with a woman who is not living up to her potential, as she is not going to work and is being mistreated by her boss. The chorus repeats the word "lost" as the woman travels to various cities around the world, seemingly searching for something. The bridge suggests that the woman is cooking drugs, but the narrator promises that she will one day be cooking for her own family. The song ends with a repetition of the phrase "love lost," suggesting that the protagonist's love for this woman may be fleeting and ultimately unfulfilling.

Funny song meaning for Lost by Frank Ocean

Okay, so Frank Ocean is singing about a girl with huge boobs who he loves, but she's been slacking off at work and he's concerned. He sings about his fancy Versace shirt and how he needs to weigh the amount of work he's doing on her. But it's all cool because he promises that she'll cook meals for their family someday (while she's busy cooking up some dope on the stove). He tells her that there's nothing wrong with lying and taking another short plane ride. And of course, they're lost in all the heat and thrill of it all - from Miami to Amsterdam to Tokyo to India. But don't worry, they still have love lost, lost love, love love, and faith (and even some hands up in the air at the end!) Somehow it all just works out for Frank and his big breasted baby.

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