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Super Rich Kids By Frank Ocean Ft Earl Sweatshirt

Song meaning of Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

Frank Ocean


Song meaning for Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

"Super Rich Kids" by Frank Ocean (ft. Earl Sweatshirt) is a song that explores the lives of wealthy young adults who have everything they could ever want, but still feel empty and lost. The chorus highlights their excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, lack of parental guidance, and superficial friendships. Frank Ocean's verses describe the luxurious lifestyle of these "super rich kids" and their search for meaning and real love. Earl Sweatshirt's verse adds a darker tone, criticizing their entitled behavior and reckless actions. The song ends with a plea for genuine love and connection in a world of materialism and superficiality.

Funny song meaning for Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

Oh boy, here we go! In "Super Rich Kids", Frank Ocean sings about having too much money and nothing but loose ends and fake friends to show for it. He even starts his day on the roof, looking at that beautiful view - like there's anything else to do when your parents are never around and the maids are always there to pick up after you. Daddy's Jaguar is overused for joyrides, and there are too many lies and lines around - and we are not talking about lying down by the pool. But hey, at least he has a new car, a new girl, and a new watch, because, you know, that's what really matters in life. Earl Sweatshirt jumps in on the second verse to tell us about being "Xanny-gnashing, caddy-smashing, bratty-assy" and hitting baseballs with daddy's Jag. But when it comes to real love, they're all searching for it. But let's be honest, it's hard to find "real" love when you're surrounded by fake everything else. Just close your eyes and feel the crash, super rich kids.

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