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Song meaning of Wise Man (Final) by Frank Ocean

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Song meaning for Wise Man (Final) by Frank Ocean

"Wise Man (Final)" by Frank Ocean is a thought-provoking and introspective song that delves into the complexities of human nature and the absence of absolute goodness or evil. The lyrics explore various archetypes and challenge the notion of their existence.

In the first verse, Ocean presents a series of contrasting characters, such as the wise man, madman, young man, judge man, bad man, and good man. He suggests that these labels are subjective and do not truly define individuals. He emphasizes that no evil or righteous man exists, highlighting the inherent flaws and imperfections within humanity. The sadness of a man is also explored, suggesting that vulnerability is often hidden from the world.

The refrain, "But your mother would be proud of you, I bet your mother would be proud of you," adds a touch of emotional depth to the song. It implies that despite the absence of absolute goodness or evil, a mother's love and pride can still exist, transcending these labels.

In the second verse, Ocean introduces the concept of the beast, symbolizing the darker side of human nature. He suggests that this beast will eventually meet its demise and be reduced to mere bones, emphasizing the transient nature of power and dominance. The lyrics also touch upon the consequences of one's actions, as the protagonist is buried by their own mistakes.

The bridge introduces the idea of survival and the primal instincts within humans. Ocean questions the purpose of certain bodily functions, such as the heart pumping blood and the lungs flooding. He expresses a willingness to endure hardship and struggle rather than compromising his principles.

The refrain in the bridge shifts the focus to a collective perspective, suggesting that the mother would be proud of both the protagonist and the listener. It implies a shared humanity and the potential for growth and understanding.

The outro reinforces the idea that no absolute archetypes exist. There is no bad or evil man, no good or righteous man, no strong or undying man, and no weak man. Only flesh and blood exist, emphasizing the raw and imperfect nature of humanity.

Overall, "Wise Man (Final)" is a profound and introspective song that challenges conventional notions of good and evil, highlighting the complexities and contradictions within human nature. It encourages listeners to question societal labels and embrace the inherent imperfections that make us human.

Funny song meaning for Wise Man (Final) by Frank Ocean

Ah, "Wise Man" by Frank Ocean, a song that really makes you ponder the existence of every type of man known to humanity. According to Frank, the wiseman shuts his trap, the madman throws a punch, and the young man can't hide his age because let's face it, his Snapchat filters aren't fooling anyone. But wait, there's more! The judge man labels everything as sin, the bad man apparently disappeared on a wicked vacation, and the good man is as elusive as a unicorn riding a rainbow. Sad man, on the other hand, must remain emotionally constipated, because crying in public is so yesterday. And just when you think things couldn't get weirder, Frank brings up his father, who apparently doesn't believe in shedding a tear either. Then we stumble upon the beast, ready to crawl all over the earth before becoming a feast for crows, because hey, birds gotta eat too. And in case you didn't get the memo, we all have to bury our own vanity, because that's what good people do, apparently. But don't worry, Frank's got this whole survival thing figured out, because primates sharpen tools and humans sharpen their wit (or at least try to). Hearts, lungs, yada yada, it's all just biology, folks. And finally, we come full circle with the reminder that bad men, evil men, good men, righteous men, strong men, undying men, and weak men are about as real as unicorns and Bigfoot. So, there you have it, folks, a lyrical roller coaster filled with more questions than answers. I hope you brought your existential seatbelt for this wild ride.

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