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Song meaning of очень грязный текст (very dirty text) by ​​ooes



Song meaning for очень грязный текст (very dirty text) by ​​ooes

The song "очень грязный текст" by ooes delves into themes of self-deprecation, emotional detachment, and a sense of alienation. The lyrics paint a picture of a protagonist who feels unattractive and hides their bruises under layers of makeup, metaphorically symbolizing their inner struggles and insecurities. The opening lines, "Во мне нет ничего красивого" (There is nothing beautiful in me), set the tone for the song's introspective and raw exploration of self-image.

The chorus, "Самый грязный текст в твоей квартире, От родителей услышали и проглотили" (The dirtiest text in your apartment, Heard by parents and swallowed), suggests a sense of shame and secrecy surrounding the protagonist's thoughts and actions. The mention of "самый грязный секс в твоём мобильном" (The dirtiest sex in your phone) further emphasizes a theme of intimacy devoid of genuine emotions or connections.

The bridge reflects a desire for solitude and a disdain for social interactions, with lines like "Я не люблю людей" (I don't like people) and "Я наизусть запомнила не номер твой, а строчки" (I memorized lines, not your number). This highlights the protagonist's preference for detachment and self-reliance, possibly as a coping mechanism for past traumas or disappointments.

Overall, "очень грязный текст" by ooes is a poignant exploration of inner turmoil, self-acceptance, and the complexities of human relationships. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and defiance, inviting listeners to reflect on their own struggles with identity and emotional intimacy.

Funny song meaning for очень грязный текст (very dirty text) by ​​ooes

Ah, yes, "Very Dirty Text" by ooes, a song where the singer proudly declares that they're not hiding any bruises, the bruises are actually hiding them because they're drowning in a sea of cosmetics. They're like those semi-broken ladies (whatever that means) and randomly bursting into laughter. Walking the streets like a shadow because they hate people, with their heart beating to the rhythm of someone long dead. Memorizing lines instead of phone numbers, concluding the longest day by drinking alone. The dirtiest text in your apartment was heard and swallowed by your parents (gulp). The filthiest sex is on your mobile phone, devoid of any feelings or emotions near the singer. Just beer and wine, drowning in love while others drown their peace, juggling money and texts, moving between countries, and loving to seem strange. Ah, the poetic beauty of it all! So next time someone asks you about this song, just tell them it's a lyrical masterpiece about bruises, laughter, shadows, and dirty texts – a true modern-day ode to chaos and weirdness!

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