We Owe This World By Ooes

Song meaning of мы должны этому миру (we owe this world) by ​​ooes



Song meaning for мы должны этому миру (we owe this world) by ​​ooes

The song "мы должны этому миру" by ooes delves into themes of existentialism, disillusionment, and a sense of detachment from the world. The lyrics paint a bleak picture of a world filled with darkness and pain, where the protagonist feels a sense of obligation towards it despite the lack of reciprocity. The opening lines set the tone for the song, with the singer declaring, "We will tell another scary story, Do not turn off the light, it is already dark here." This imagery of darkness and fear sets the stage for the introspective journey that follows.

The chorus of the song emphasizes a sense of resignation and acceptance of the bleak reality, with lines like "I don't need fresh air, it's not too late to burn." This could be interpreted as a metaphor for feeling suffocated by the world and finding solace in embracing one's emotions and experiences, no matter how dark they may be. The repeated refrain of being "created for feelings" underscores the idea that human existence is defined by the depth of our emotions, even if they are born out of a distorted reality.

In the second verse, the singer contemplates the idea of leaving a mark on the world, whether through pain or oblivion. The juxtaposition of seeking solace in the eternal nature of the next home while acknowledging the destruction of the current world reflects a sense of detachment and resignation towards the cycle of life and death. The closing lines, "Close the window already and give me a blanket," encapsulate a desire for comfort and escape from the harsh realities of existence.

Overall, "мы должны этому миру" by ooes is a haunting and introspective exploration of the complexities of human emotions, our relationship with the world around us, and the existential questions that plague our existence. The lyrics invite listeners to reflect on their own place in the world and the meaning they derive from their experiences, even in the face of darkness and despair.

Funny song meaning for мы должны этому миру (we owe this world) by ​​ooes

Oh, honey, let me break down this melodramatic Russian anthem for you. "We owe this world" by ooes is like a deep dive into a moody teenager's diary. They're all like, "We're gonna tell you a scary story, but hey, keep the lights on because it's already dark in here. We need the world, but what do we really owe it? Wrap me in a black blanket and close the window, close it, close it, close it!" It's like they're having a dramatic breakdown over whether they need fresh air or just need to stay up late, all while claiming they were made under the influence of drugs. Then they're like, "Find me somewhere I won't hurt, leave a mark or just burn out, no plans for the evening, the next home becomes eternal. We need the world (You say), the world is destroyed (I see it), we need the world but we definitely don't care about it. Close the window already and give me a blanket." It's like the musical version of a rebellious emo phase mixed with a sprinkle of existential crisis. So, grab your black eyeliner and get ready to belt out your angst in Russian, baby!

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