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Song meaning of These Days by Frank Ocean

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Song meaning for These Days by Frank Ocean

"These Days" by Frank Ocean is a two-part song that explores the artist's journey through the music industry and his personal relationships. In the first part, he reflects on his early days as a writer and meeting various people in the industry. He also touches on his struggles with addiction and finding support from his friends. The chorus highlights his desire to save money for a rainy day. In the second part, he talks about a trip to Rio and a past relationship. He questions the purity of his partner and their priorities in life. The song ends with Frank's determination to continue making money and achieving success. Overall, the song showcases Frank's introspective and poetic lyricism.

Funny song meaning for These Days by Frank Ocean

So, Frank Ocean starts off the song talking about how he caught an eel while fishing and got offered a record deal. Sounds like a typical day in the life of a musician, right? Then he talks about meeting a crazy group who opened up for Nipsey Hussle. Apparently, they were wild, which is not surprising since they shared the stage with Nipsey. Frank goes on to talk about falling in love but getting his heart broken because his lover didn't keep it real. I guess honesty is not always the best policy when it comes to love. Anyway, he had a plate of painkillers that almost killed him, but Hodgy and Uzi came to his rescue. The chorus talks about Frank trying to be responsible and save up for rainy days, but he's not thuggin', he's geeked. Hey, who said you can't be both responsible and geeky?

Then Part II of the song begins with Frank talking about being in Rio for three days with dark skin that's sticking to his clothes. He needs some chalk, but instead, he lets his boyfriend fix his head without even charging him. That's real love. Frank then tells his lover that they're too good for this corrupt world, but then questions if it was fun when it was all said and done. He also mentions being on a tablet and feeling numb, but doesn't drink. I guess he's drug-free but still wants a buzz. Frank ends the song talking about how he disrupts his priorities in life and turns his eight figures up. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

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